Polishes & Supplies

As a professional furniture maker and finisher, I want to work with the best finishing products available. My enthusiasm for these materials has led me to stock and sell them to decorative artists, woodworkers and professionals who make and restore fine furniture. The product list contains:  Shellacs • Waxes • Stains • Varnishes • Oils • Decorative Paints • Specialty Abrasives • Polish Cloths • Brushes and Touch up Supplies.

Product list:  GRWood Polishes & Supplies: Retail prices Feb 2018 Color chart:  Gary R. Wood Color Chart

I rely daily on the performance of these products. If your experience is like mine, you know that the real cost of finishing is not just the material expense. It includes your time for preparation, application, and clean up. Minimal solvent use, safety, and conservation of materials also affect productivity and cost. Special brushes and polish cloths make jobs go faster.

Call for a complete product and price list. Your questions are welcome and I will help match the right materials to your project.


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